How To Improve Cycling AVG Speed

The comparison is the natural instinct of our mind. When you initiate pedaling on a bike, naturally, you would love to know your current speed. Is it higher than my co-bikers? Can’t I increase my speed? These questions will enroll you from time to time.

In this article, I will discuss some ways to let you know how to improve cycling AVG speed. Here, we have listed some beautiful ideas that instantly help you to enhance your velocity. Just regular practice is the most demanded requirement. Let’s start the discussion without wasting any more time.


Ways to improve faster riding

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No matter if you are beginner or expert bikers, these exclusive tips will help you a lot to get your desired speed and works nicely for its development.


1. Be aerodynamic in your body position

Wind resistance is the most common impediment in reducing your speed on cycling. In that case, you need to lower the body position gradually. This is going to help you a lot.

Just try to do it as far as possible and make your body close to the handlebars. The best way to adopt bending and tucking position of your elbow will put something great for you. Make sure, you are also lowering your head position.


2. Listening to music

This is going to be a tricky idea to boost your speed. If you ride with the music, it will make you avoid the pompous sound of traffic. Eventually, you can have a relaxed mood.

In research, it is stated that the fast beat music makes you enable to pedal on the bike faster from your subconscious mind. This also leaves a major impact on decreasing the perceived efforts about 10%.

From the renowned sports psychology researcher, we have found this data. Music will immensely optimize the biking cadence to the perfect rhythm.


3. Riding with better cycling partners

Alone, you can have a ride, no doubt. But riding with trained partners is comparatively better to enhance your agility in the bike. He /She can encourage you to pedal harder and go fast.

Consequently, you can have a good effort level on it. Rather, your competitive mind would love to follow the faster pace of your companion.


4. Try to Brake less

When you are on the super speed on your bike, try for avoiding unnecessary brake. As it lowers your velocity soon, you need to afford another harder pedal to enhance the speed like previous one.

In fact, doing something like this is completely a drastic wastage of your energy. Moreover, it will ruin your momentum also. So, how to improve it?

First of all, I would like to say that staying at your comfort level is not your offense at all. It’s natural to brake while you are on the busy road or uphill.


When you have an obstruction free straight road, you should not slow down your pace at all. Rather, you should enjoy the freedom of speed, I think. Make sure to pause in a straight line. This will assist you to have a reliable cornering while you are going to turn.


5. Develop the lactate threshold

Generally, you can manage your lactate threshold at least for an hour. Ultimately, it enables you to generate high-quality power output within you.

Once you try to appear for any particular workouts, you need to use this power. When you are taking the maximum average power, chances are there to continue it for 20 minutes. Then multiply the result by .95.


6. Learn to handle the bicycle

This is very clear that continual brake hitting won’t help you maintain a faster speed. If you can develop your practice in handling the cycle, you can eventually manage subtle turns even at a very high speed.

That’s why you need to stop unnecessary putting the sudden brake. It will slow down your continual speed and make you discourage enough so far.

Nevertheless, this particular skill development will make you learn to manage your ride and other co-riders besides you. By doing so, you can make a better shield against any odd weather like the disastrous wind too.

For your clear understanding the fact about bike handling, I want to mention a few things. You can learn to handle track stands. To keep a good variance with the balance, this is the right thing to follow.

Again, you can join a ride in a bicycle group to know how to handle the upcoming obstacles. Also, this will make you learn to avoid unwanted brakes.

Another thing you can try to have a grip on managing your cycle. Just ride using no hands. Slowly you can do so as it will make you learn to manage it with your hips.


7. Inflate the tires

 If you have tires already pumped up, this is a big advantage to roll on the good speed. Before each ride, you should check it. Additionally, look for the side wall of the cycle tires if possible. Make sure, you inflate the recommended pressure on it.


8. Maintain your diet

To go for a faster speed on the bike, you need to have a balanced diet. If possible just reduce some weight. No doubt, this will make a noticeable difference in this fact.

Henceforth, this enables you to apply the maximum effort in riding. Again, it helps you to fight with the gravity force without facing any hurdles.

To lose some weight, take sugar-free tea three times a day. Or else, it will make you lose about .5lb weight.


Final words


Finally, you don’t have to be very obsessive about knowing How to improve cycling AVG speed. In fact, it’s a very simple thing. Whatever, we have mentioned here is exclusively proven the method of learning this skill.

Again, you can try for fast pedaling. Hence, it makes you efficient enough to increase the speed. Just fear not and move on. if you are looking for bike to practice and ride smoothly, you are highly recommended to check the bikeridereview  .






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