I have been working in the cycling business for many years now and a standout amongst the most troublesome themes stay to be the bike protective helmets. As of late I have seen many individuals altering their opinions about protective helmets in the two headings of the contention, which persuades that individuals are extremely starting to think about security in more detail yet really having a feeling about helmets.

So i have tallied up some of the reasons why people choose to wear or not wear bicycle helmets. Where do you fit in? Some of the reasons listed below could seem very vain or trivial, but believe me, in my research its often these kinds of things that people are basing their decisions on.

Why people DON’T wear helmets:

  • There have been contemplates appearing wearing a helmet makes individuals go for broke and along these lines can prompt mishaps.
  • Wearing a helmet won’t generally ensure against dangerous wounds.
  • Helmets look uncool.
  • Helmets mess up my hair or prevent me from wearing the caps that I need to.
  • Helmets are awkward to wear.
  • A French report in 2006 demonstrated that walkers are 1.4 occasions bound to get horrible cerebrum damage than an unhelmeted cyclist.
  • Required bicycle helmets can deflect individuals from riding bikes which thus makes a less protected condition for cyclists.

Ileana Casey Wearing a Helmet.

Why people DO wear helmets:

  • Higher perceivability when all is said in done.
  • Climate assurance.
  • Up to 47% of harmed cyclists get head wounds.
  • Wearing a helmet can give up to a 88% decrease in the danger of head injury.
  • I need to set a genuine guide to my youngsters.
  • It makes me feel less uncovered and along these lines more secure.

In a US study about the youngsters and bicycle helmets, it was discovered that look and fit are the two fundamental reasons why, notwithstanding helmets being demonstrated to diminish mind wounds in children by up to 85%, kids still would prefer not to wear them.

Google trends is likewise a decent method to get a preview on the hunt enthusiasm of a term after some time. The following is a chart demonstrating the enthusiasm for “bicycle helmets” in the course of the most recent 5 years, as should be obvious there is an enduring decrease.

Graph from Google Trends

NYC based bicycle company, illustrate their opinion using a nice list that also includes some more humorous reasons to wear a bicycle helmet.

  • 900 People die every year in bicycle mishaps, 75% of them from head wounds.
  • 88% of all cyclist mind wounds could be kept away from.
  • It can help make you progressively obvious.
  • Some individuals look extremely cool in a helmet.
  • You should wear a helmet on a Bicycle Habitat ride.
  • If you are under 14 years of age the law requires it.
  • You won’t need to tune in to your mom state: “You ought to have been wearing a helmet,” when you wake up in the healing center.
  • A Head damage can destroy your entire day.
  • Helmets are more averse to harm the asphalt.
  • Huh?

Summary – –

Regardless of the considerable number of contentions for and against wearing helmets when riding a bicycle, I need to state that I am a helmet wearer. Its not to say that I don’t recognize every one of these reasons why individuals don’t. I think it descends to individuals’ general hazard hunger. I concede once in a while I don’t wear a helmet, or I overlook it, however by and large I imagine that the negatives are outweighhed by the positives. I’m still extremely cautious when riding my bicycle around london and I don’t believe that since i’m wearing a helmet, I go out on a limb. The critical thing for me is having the correct fit. At this moment my helmet is somewhat awkward and I feel myself not wearing it all the more every now and again. Much the same as different games that have a danger of head damage included like skiing, climbing and pony riding, I am in support of head insurance. Likewise, with a cluster of new brands doing some extremely decent looking bike helmets and furthermore helmets being all the more broadly accessible, I don’t think the wearing of helmets for cycling will leave at any point in the near future.

Over to you, what are your contemplations? do you wear a helmet or not and provided that this is true, what are your reasons?

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